image-048Many Faces of Community Health is an annual 2-day conference that explores improving care and reducing health disparities in under-served populations and among those living in poverty. Many Faces brings information and resources on clinical care, public policy, and health innovations to Minnesota’s health care community, with a focus on safety net providers.

Our theme is Community Centered Care and the People We Serve. Many Faces looks at the role of the safety net under health reform with a focus on meeting the needs of underserved people. We examine community care innovations and health care delivery models that promote health equity, prevent and manage chronic diseases, and assure access for all.

Approximately 350 people attend Many Faces each year: health care professionals, students, staff from FQHCs and other safety net programs, policy makers, and citizens active in community public health. Attendees come together to learn about the impact of health care reforms, ways to advance health equity, and how to apply best practices to the delivery of primary care to the disadvantaged. Numerous health care organizations and companies support Many Faces as sponsors and/or exhibitors, joining with public health and community-based agencies to promote our conference and deepen our impact on Minnesota’s health care safety net providers and patients.

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