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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Keynote: Hippocrates Cafe featuring Jon Hallberg, MD, et al., Images of the Underserved

1A. Self-Care is Health Care: Improving Wellbeing through Mind-Body Medicine

1B. How to Talk About Smoking without Starting a Fire

1C. Links of Care: An Innovative Colorectal Cancer Screening Program

1D. The Future of Quality Reporting in Minnesota

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2A. Narrative Health: Using Story to Better the Patient/Provider Experience

2B. Managing Pain with Limited Resources

2C. Insured Yet Underserved: How Community Clinics Can Better Care for the Elderly

2D. Collaborative Governance: Mobilizing Community Leaders for Community Health

Governance Academy (invitation only): Strategy Development for CHCs in Challenging Times: Practical Tools to Maximize Stakeholder Engagement

Governance Academy (invitation only): Managing Clinical, Financial, and Legal Risk: Roles of Board and Staff

Plenary: Dr. Amit Sood, Increasing Resilience through Stress Management and Resiliency Training

3A. Improving Asthma Control through Asthma Action Plans and Quality Improvement Strategies

3B. The Story of Hooyo: A Group Prenatal Care Program for East African Immigrants

3C. Silos: Good for Corn, Bad for People (Care Team Collaborations)

4A. Blind Spot: How Current Vision Screenings Are Failing Us

4B. Success Story: Universal HIV and Hepatitis Screening in a Community Health Center

4C. Delivering Mental Health Care to People Experiencing Homelessness

4D. State and Federal Policy Update

Friday, October 27, 2017

5A. A One-Stop Shop: Integrated Medical and Dental Pediatric Health Care

5B. Problem Solving Coaching: Integrating Mental Health Counseling and Community Outreach

5C. Affirmative Care: Working with People Who Are Transgender, Intersex, or Gender Non-Conforming

5D. The Future of Integrated Health Partnerships

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6A. How to Integrate Community Health Workers into Public Housing

6B. Collaborative Care in Medication Assisted Therapy for Opioid Abuse in Primary Care

6C. Starting the Conversation: Tobacco Use among Individuals Living with Mental Illness

6D. Reimagine Wellness

Plenary: Richard Carlbom, Fruitful Conversations in a Divided World

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