Become a 2017 Many Faces Conference Sponsor!

Why Sponsor this event?

Approximately 350 people attend Many Faces each year: health care professionals, students, staff from FQHCs and other safety net programs, policy makers, and citizens active in community public health. Attendees come together to learn about the impact of health care reforms, ways to advance health equity, and how to apply best practices to the delivery of primary care to the disadvantaged. Numerous health care organizations and companies support Many Faces as sponsors and/or exhibitors, joining with public health and community-based agencies to promote our conference and deepen our impact on Minnesota’s health care safety net providers and patients.

Each year Many Faces awards approximately 50 scholarships to students and to staff who work in community-based, safety net organizations.  The generosity of our sponsors makes this possible! Click here to see our 2016 Sponsors!



Please contact Laura Lipkin or Emily Mellon for more information and to reserve your space.  
Laura (612)253-4715 x 13, laura.lipkin@mnachc.org
Emily (612)253-4715 x 10, emily.mellon@mnachc.org

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