10,000 Families (10KFS) is a study of family health in Minnesota. This study should last for many years so we can observe the health changes that happen over time. Participation includes a minimum of 2 family members.

  1. Complete eligibility survey and invite other family members to participate.
  2. Complete a detailed online health questionnaire.
  3. Take part in a family health visit. (Please see our website for COVID-19 updates on this step.)

We all need to know how genetics, the environment and lifestyle affect our health. Please join us in this discovery adventure! Click here to join the study now!


The 10,000 Families Study aims to address the unique health needs of Minnesotans. Including all communities is essential: rural and urban areas, communities of color, American Indian on and off reservations, and all income levels. The health information we gather from families will be a resource to advise and guide healthcare and public health across communities.  

Services and Relevance to Attendees

The 10,000 Families Study wants to partner with FQHCs and other community organizations working with families. We want to listen and work together to make our study more inclusive and welcoming!

10,000 Families participants receive results from their health visit, can obtain gift cards for their participation, help science, and help their communities to be included.  Learn more at Why should I join?


Visit our YouTube channel to watch our series of Conversations about Health (One-hour chapters)

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