For our 13th Many Faces conference, we are pleased to announce as keynote the Social Medicine Consortium’s Dr. Michael Westerhaus and Dr. Roli Dwivedi. The Social Medicine Consortium is a collective of committed healthcare professionals, universities, and organizations fighting for health equity through education, training, service, and advocacy, with social medicine at its core. This session will address the ways that structural and societal barriers faced by patients can often cause healthcare professionals to feel overwhelmed and isolated. Members of the Consortium will share tools that help us to rediscover agency, purpose, and collective impact in our work.


The conference will close with an improv performance by the Theater of Public Policy. The Theater’s performers will gather stories, emerging ideas, and inspirations from the conference and conduct a show that ties key themes together to provide attendees with a satisfying wrap-up of their shared conference experience. You won’t want to miss it!

Photo courtesy of the Theater of Public Policy. 


Read about the general sessions here.



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