The conference pays special recognition to individuals that have been at the forefront of leading innovations in healthcare, improving care delivery models, and other community health initiatives that promote health equity, prevent and manage chronic diseases, and ensure access for all.

Nominations for the 2020 Many Faces Awards will open in mid-July. Please check back then!

2019 Many Faces Award Winners




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2020 Award Nominations

The nomination period for the three annual awards is currently closed.


Outstanding Community Health Center Employee

Presented by the Minnesota Association of Community Health Centers (MNACHC)

Eligibility: Any community health center employee who has worked for the health center for a minimum of two years. This individual does not need to hold a role that is clinical in nature, and can work at any level, or in any department within the health center.

Award Criteria: This award recognizes an outstanding health center staff who has demonstrated excellence through: 1) patient advocacy; 2) patient education or enabling services; 3) collaborative/ team based efforts; 4) addressing patient social determinants of health; 5) improving the delivery of care or; 5) enhancing health center operations.

QI/Innovative Project 

Presented by the Many Faces of Community Health Conference

Eligibility: This award is open to individuals/teams who work for an organization whose primary mission is to serve safety-net populations. Eligible organizations include, but are not limited to, Federally Qualified Health Centers, other community clinics, public health agencies, rural health organizations, tribal entities, and non-profits. The project must have been in effect for a minimum of one year. This award can honor up to 3 individuals who have been involved in the project, though a project lead will need to be named for purposes of the nomination and free registration (only one complimentary registration will be given to the winner of this award). 

Award Criteria: This award honors a notable quality improvement project that meets the following criteria: 1) is innovative; 2) addresses an identified health-related need(s); 3) is aimed at improving health outcomes and decreasing disparities in underserved and/or high-risk target population; 4) incorporates a variety of stakeholders and/or a multi-level approach; and 5) has had measurable success. Additionally, the selected individual(s) and/or team will have demonstrated willingness to share their experiences and lessons learned with partners and peers throughout the state.

Safety Net Champion

Presented by the Many Faces of Community Health Conference

Eligibility: This award is intended to honor an individual at the front line of promoting community health. They do not need to be an employee of, or affiliated with, a particular organization. Ideally, this individual will be a part of/identify with the community in which they serve.

Award Criteria: This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated immense dedication to supporting the needs of underserved populations in Minnesota. This individual should be a strong voice for community health and safety net populations at the local, state, and/or national level. They should be highly embedded in the community or communities in which they serve, and championing efforts to improve community health through: 1) advocacy; 2) grassroots movement; 3) leading innovative programs and services that increase access to health care and/or support services; or 4) collaborative efforts to reach high-risk populations and address disparities in the community.