Certified Languages International (CLI) is a full-service language company specializing in over-the-phone interpreting, video remote interpreting (VRI), document translation, and assessment services for interpreting skills and language proficiency. With a growing list of over 230 languages, CLI is among the largest providers of its kind in the world, servicing North America and abroad.

When companies partner with CLI, they can minimize the inequities faced by limited English proficient (LEP) communities. CLI gives individuals a voice to fully participate in decisions related to their lives such as health, finances, education, and other services they need. 

With friendly live agent support, available 24/7, customers will always receive assistance from CLI who will answer any questions and ensure the connection is seamless. The peace of mind that comes from working with an experienced industry professional like CLI allows customers to confidently provide superior interpreting services that result in high-quality LEP individual engagements. The affiliations and certifications that CLI maintains to protect privacy help to guarantee customers compliance with the laws and regulations that govern their respective industry.

Aligning with a true advocate like CLI, customers can show their dedication to improving the lives of others. They are building stronger communities, creating a healthier future for the growing LEP population, and empowering more voices in the world.


As true advocates, CLI raises awareness and reduces barriers for LEP individuals by providing superior remote interpreting services.

CLI leads by listening, being responsive and collaborating with customers to find the best solution to advance the industry.


Elevating all voices, in every language.


View our comprehensive list of languages here: https://certifiedlanguages.com/language-list/ and find downloadable resource documents here: https://certifiedlanguages.com/downloads/

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