Session information for our 2021 conference is not yet available. Please check back in the Summer.


The 2020 Agenda At-A-Glance and Program Brochure are now available!


Announcing our 2020 Keynotes!

Opening Keynote: Matthew Bennett

Connecting Paradigms to Address Trauma and Promote Self-Care as Quality Care

Matthew Bennett, speaker, trainer, author of Connecting Paradigms 

Recent research on the brain and trauma gives those working with safety net populations a new paradigm to help clients who are struggling with past trauma make critical changes and regain control of their lives. In today’s climate, trauma is the reality for many, especially within communities of color. Matthew will discuss how community health professionals can apply a trauma-informed lens to minimize re-traumatization and create environments for individuals heal. 

Those in helping professions are at risk of experiencing burnout, trauma, and compassion fatigue as they are on the front lines of addressing pressing health and social challenges. Understanding that self-care is quality care provides a foundation to address the critical elements of health, enhance productivity, and quality on both an individual and organizational level. Mr. Bennett’s keynote will highlight trauma-informed leadership and its power in helping multidisciplinary teams address vicarious trauma, enhance productivity, and improve patient outcomes. He will offer his perspective on the future of trauma-informed care, and share evidence-based models of wellness and resiliency that focus on the concept of self-care as quality care. 

Learning Objectives- Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to: 

  1. Understand how trauma impacts brain development and tools safety net providers can use to minimize re-traumatization and create healing environments for patients. 
  2. Identify ways in which self-care can result in quality care by preventing burnout, improving the work environment, enhancing productivity and allowing for the provision of the highest level of services possible. 


    Closing Keynote: Adair Mosley

    Resiliency and Innovation in Tackling Multidimensional Social Issues

    Adair Mosley, President & CEO, Pillsbury United Communities 

    Resiliency is more important than ever, yet the ability to become and remain resilient varies across communities. In his presentation, Adair will discuss how social connectedness, systems, and structures can foster resiliency in communities that continue to face health inequities and grave social injustices. He will break down the social determinants of health and the social needs that impact health and perpetuate cycles of poverty. As a proactive, visionary leader, Mr. Mosley will propose innovative solutions to address multidimensional social issues and current challenges faced by the safety net. Throughout his keynote you will be encouraged to reimagine the health system and delivery of care to patients with complex health and social needs. 

    Learning Objectives- Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to: 

    1. Describe resiliency and how it differs across communities. 
    2. Understand your role in reimagining the delivery of care and implementing innovative solutions to address multidimensional social issues.